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Stonebrooke Homes Association Annual Meeting

Tuesday, April 21st, 2009 @ 7:00 PM

Gladstone Community Center – Gashland Room, 6091 N. Holmes


Board of Directors Present:

Dean Merkel, Carl Morrissey, Terry McGinley


Homeowners Present:

Jeff Brown, Sam & Margie Cangelosi, Shelly Head, Judy Layton, Jared Longfield, Karen Merkel, Abel Mojica, John & Sara Pummill, Kirk Rome, Gloria Williams.


Only 12 of the 65 homes were represented.



log & refreshments.

Dean Merkel opened the meeting.


RECAP OF 2008-2009:

·      Hired Accountant (Bruce Culley, CPA, Gladstone, MO)

o   Stonebrooke Homes Association Incorporation – Reinstated

o   Taxes – Filed for the last 5 years

o   Picks up mail from PO Box

o   Most bills paid by automatic bank draft

o   Makes all dues bank deposits


·      Bids for trash pick-up

o   Allied Waste – current will continue Monday pick-up

o   Deffenbaugh  - would provide containers, but only Wednesday pick-up

§  Stayed with Allied Waste

§  Cost comparable

§  All homes already in system

§  1 year contract


·      Insurance

o   Previous Directors and Officers insurance w/ Twin Lakes Ins. Agency in Lee’s Summit

o   Sara Pummill (homeowner) reviewed and recommended Krueger and James Ins. Agency in NKC

o   Switched to D & O Insurance and General HOA Liability with Krueger and James Ins. Agency

§  Better price and more thorough coverage


·      Stonebrooke Directory

o   Karen Merkel updated homeowner’s directory with current phone numbers and email addresses.


·      Fountain

o   Bids were requested for covering fountain

o   Bid submitted was too costly; Board members decided to leave fountain as is.


·      2008 End of year report was discussed.  No need to increase dues.

·      Balance sheet as of December 31, 2008 was presented.

·      2009 Budget was presented by Dean Merkel.

·      Outstanding dues were discussed.

o   Five homes still have outstanding balance

o   One current lien filed in 2008

o   Liens will be filed pending payment of dues



·      Landscaping

o   Date for Spring Clean-up and mulching

·      Saturday, May 2nd 8:00 (should take about 1 hour).  Help is needed!

o   Ryan Lawn and Tree was hired to spray trees at fountain and corner entrances and fertilize lawn and control weeds at fountain.

o   Sprinkler system – new controller will be installed by Dean & Carl.

o   Bushes (Junipers) above fountains look dead.  Jeff Brown will remove.


·      The fountain is working – the pumps were stored inside over the winter.


·      Website – Jeff Brown (Homeowner) offered his assistance in updating and redoing.


·      Garage Sale

o   The Spring sale will be May 15 and16, 2009.  Kim Enna will advertise.

o   Kim Enna will be moving and has asked for someone to take over this duty (Signs, ad in paper, notices to neighborhood, etc.)

o   No meeting attendees volunteered.

o   A vote was taken to decide if the neighborhood should continue with spring and fall sales.

o   It was voted to have a spring sale only.  Next year’s sale is dependent upon a volunteer to organize the sale.

o   Stonebrooke does not allow individual sales.


·      Condition of homes in the neighborhood was discussed.

o   Many homes or lots need painting, landscaping, mowing and weed control).




·      A grievance was filed concerning Lot 4.  It appears that several families are living in a single-family home.  Up to seven vehicles are frequently parked in front of the home.

o   Gladstone City Hall was contacted regarding codes for single-family units.

o   The Board is waiting to hear back from the city codes staff.

·      Dean suggested eliminating the various committees and having future board members perform these functions.  The motion was seconded and a vote was taken.

o   All present were in favor of eliminating the committees.

·      A homeowner (not present) had emailed a request to discuss moving the annual dues collection to later in the year.  The Covenants require that dues be paid by Feb. 1.  It was decided to leave as is.



·      Nominations

o   Dean Merkel

o   Jeff Brown

o   Carl Morrissey

o   Terry McGinley

·      The nominations were seconded and had voter approval by attendees.



With no further business to discuss, Dean Merkel adjourned the meeting at 8:00.


Minutes submitted by Terry McGinley: