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Stonebrooke Homes Association Annual Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, April 20st , 2010 @ 7:00 PM

Gladstone Community Center – Gashland Room, 6901 N. Holmes


Board of Directors, Stonebrooke Homes Association

Present -Dean Merkel & Jeff Brown, Absent - Carl Morrissey. 

Terry McGinley’s position was vacated due to his move out of the neighborhood.


Homeowners Present:

Ron & Patty Bowen, Tim & Angie Giddens, David King, Judy Layton, John Phelps, Kirk Rome, Steve & Robin Wright, Charles & Charlene Blackwell, Jeff Gerner, Nicole Fox, Karen Merkel


12 of the 65 homes were represented.



·       Sign-in & refreshments

·       Minutes of the 2009 annual meeting were available



·       Deffenbaugh – Mike Dale discussed trash and recycling options for the neighborhood

He brought three receptacles for display- a 65 and 95 gallon trash cart and a 65 gallon recycling cart.  All carts are on wheels and have hinged lids.

He answered questions regarding materials accepted for recycling.  Plastic (type 1-7), aluminum, metal cans, cardboard, paperboard, catalogs, office paper, junk mail, newspapers are accepted.

Glass and shredded paper are not accepted.

He proposed a plan to provide a 65 gallon trash cart and a 65 gallon recycling cart for each home.  The cost for each home would be $14.00 per month for pickup. Carts are provided at no additional cost to the homeowner and stay with the home.

Stickers will be available for $1.25 for additional trash bags.

Unlimited trash will be picked up the week of Christmas and July 4.

·       Gladstone Public Safety Director - Mike Hasty discussed public safety tax issues to be on the ballot               this summer. 

He discussed a 1/4 cent sales tax.  Gladstone’s current sales tax is 7.35%.  Liberty and Independence is 7.6%.

This new sales tax would employ six additional police officers and allow Gladstone Public Safety to purchase a new radio system to replace the existing system that is 25 years old.

The new system would allow communication between Gladstone and surrounding cities’ emergency and police departments.

Emergency response times have increased due to an increase in the number of calls handled by the department.



·       2009 End of year report and balance sheet

o   2009 positive balance of $1409.02

o   2009 Account balance of $11438.84

·       2010 Budget and YTD report

o   Budget for 2010 was presented

o   2010 dues $115 (no increase from 2009)

o   2010 trash service $165 (no increase from 2009)

·       Outstanding dues

o   One current lien filed in 2008, Lot 4

o   Several liens will be filed pending nonpayment of dues



RECAP OF 2009-2010:

·       Accountant

o   Taxes – Filed in March

o   Picks up mail from PO Box

o   Most bills paid by automatic bank draft

o   Makes all bank deposits

·       Insurance

o   Directors & Officer’s Insurance and General HOA Liability through Krueger & James Insurance Agency in North Kansas City

·       Homeowner Directory

o   Will email updated directory after the meeting



·       One foreclosure

·       Seven homes for sale












§  The pole and conduit for the electric meter located behind the fountain is broken.  KCP&L will be contacted by Jeff Brown to replace electric meter and conduit.  Jeff and Dean will replace the broken post and set in concrete.


§  Strive to Thrive (Gladstone Fitness Challenge) was discussed.


§  A meeting for all homes associations in Gladstone was held on April 8.


§  Back-flow testing of sprinkler systems is required by the city of Gladstone.


§  Pool membership – two are available by contacting Stonebrooke Estates


§  Long term projects








With no further business to discuss, Dean Merkel adjourned the meeting at 8:50.


Minutes submitted by Dean Merkel.




Minutes approved by Jeff Brown.