Stonebrooke Homes Association Annual Meeting Minutes 2015

Monday, April 10, 2015 @ 7:00 PM

Gladstone Community Center – 6901 N. Holmes


Board of Directors, Stonebrooke Homes Association

Dean Merkel, Carl Morrissey, Tracey Goetsch, Justin Hough





·       Sign-in & refreshments with meeting called to order at 7:10


Board of Directors:

Tracey Goetsch, Justin Hough, Dean Merkel, Carl Morrissey, all present.


Homeowners Present:

Charles & Charlene Blackwell, Ron Bowen, Brett Ellis, Tim and Angie Giddens, Tracey Goetsch,  Justin Hough, Judith Layton, Dean & Karen Merkel, Carl Morrissey, John & Sara Pummill, Patty Temaat, Gloria Williams

12 (18.5%) of the 65 homes were represented. A quorum was met.


·       Minutes of the 2014 annual and 2015 board meetings. All annual meeting minutes are available on website.

·       2014 Balance sheet, Profit & Loss, Budget vs Actual,  and General Ledger of all expenditures

·       Motion to approve 2014 annual meeting minutes was made by Carl Morrissey with second by Judy Layton. All approved.



·       2014 Financial Statement was presented.

o   Balance at start of 2014 was $8340.73

o   Year-end balance for 2014 of $6550.55

o   Net loss of $1790.18


·       Budget for 2015 was reviewed and set at the spring Board of Director’s meeting.

o   Due to the profit/loss estimate, the board agreed to raise 2015 dues to $130.

o   2009-2014 dues were all $115.

·       2015 Deffenbaugh trash/recycling service $210 (2014 was $195)

·       Outstanding dues

o   As of 4/20/15: 12 homes with total or partial outstanding dues and fees.

o   If unable to pay total amount, pay in installments.

o   Liens will be filed for all outstanding dues after May 1.  Lien fees are $100 + dues & interest.


RECAP OF 2014-2015:

·       Accountant

o   Picks up mail from PO Box weekly and records all transactions and makes all bank deposits

o   2013 Taxes –  Filed in Sept, 2014,

o   Bills paid by auto bank draft include: KC Power & Light, Gladstone water, Deffenbaugh

·       Other Bills

o   Directors & Officers Insurance and General HOA Liability  

o   Accounting service

o   PO Box (annual paid in April)

o   State registration for Incorporation (2 years due in July 2015)

o   Sprinkler system blowout in fall

o   Sprinkler system backflow check

o   Mowing – weekly through October

o   Lawn fertilizing and tree spraying service

o   Fountain and Landscaping expenses

o   Postage, office supplies, misc, etc.

o   Gladstone Community Center room

o   Meeting expenses

o   Fountain clean-out and start-up

o   Landscaping expenses




·       Removed dead blue spruce 2014

·       Ryan lawn killed the Bermuda and Zoysia grasses in the fountain common area and reseeded with blue grass.

·       New fountain pump this spring 2015

·       Electrical outlet and box in front of fountain was replaced

·       Imprellis settlement for damage to shrubs in 2012. Enough to replace blue spruce tree on hill by fountain.

·       HOA received a matching grant from the City of Gladstone to make some landscaping improvements at the fountain.



§  Lawn and Trees

§  Fountain

§  Additional landscaping at fountain



§  Carl, Dean and Justin willing to continue. Tracey decided to not continue.

§  Nominations: a request was made to all to nominate candidates for four openings

o   Judy Layton and others nominated the current board members:, Dean Merkel, Carl Morrissey and Justin Hough

o   Dean Merkel nominated Tim Giddens and he declined

o   Patty Temaat nominated Ron Bowen

o   Dean Merkel nominated Brett Ellis

§  Recommendation was made to proceed with 5 board members to assume more of the current duties

o   Ballots were given to all homeowners

§  Vote by ballot – Justin collected and tallied all ballots

o   Tally of votes: All 5 rec’d equal votes for the 2015-2016 board.

o   Ron Bowen and Brett Ellis accepted position as new board members. Current board members Carl, Dean, and Justin also accepted.



o   Judy Layton motioned for meeting adjournment with second by Karen Merkel

o   Meeting adjourned at 8:05




Minutes taken by: Carl Morrissey



Reviewed, approved and signed by: _______Dean Merkel_____________________on _5/4/15______.

Signature on original